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“Your heart knows your dreams because of how they feel. 
Allow it to fall in love...and see where the love affair goes.”
“Love is something that you experience on the outside 
which is a magnification of what is on the inside.”
“There are no defeats, ending or loses, there are only transitions.”
“Let the experience of your life be like the petals upon a flower, 
each one adding to, enriching and shaping the beautiful being that is you.”
“Don't think your dream is over. 
It only takes a pebble in a pond to create ripples”
“Follow your love not your fears. 
Whatever you focus on you magnify.”
“People, resources, synchronicities will all be organized 
in perfect harmony by the Universe matching your vibration.”
“Remember the dazzle in your feet, the music in your life and the sparkle in your heart.”
“Look for the gifts in each moment.”
“When you follow your love and joy,  
you are in tune with your 'purpose'”

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