Better than The Secret and The Power!

Just the chapter on Abundance was way better than The Secret and

The Power put together; it was simple, practical and very realistic.  

A blind man can read it and be amazed!

Narda Mohammed, Life Coach, New York, USA

The DEFINITIVE Guide to the Law of Attraction!

The DEFINITIVE guide to changing your life with the Law of Attraction!  There is no better text on this subject - this may be the most important book you will ever read.

Lena Mitchell Jasiak, Perth, Australia

You are By Far My Favourite Law of Attraction Teacher!

Thank you Hemal!! I love your work and the way you word your teachings.  You are by far my favourite Law of Attraction teacher!!

Gillian Gregory, Elgin, Scotland

“I really live and breathe LOA, Hemal.  I just really hope to be at your level someday!  I just love learning from anywhere and everyone, date no one surpasses you!!!”

Melanie Joy Vertalino,  Law of Attraction Coach & Author, New York, USA

Thanks so much for inspiring me. I have a

lot of gratitude for the changes that have

come into my life since I started reading

your book and being a member of your group.

I know it's not a coincidence that things

are changing so rapidly for me and I owe you

a debt of gratitude for helping me just by

being yourself.

April Cline, Author of "Manifesting

Princess", West Virginia, USA

"I love the Secret and The Power....

this book goes so much deeper!!"

Joanne Orefice, Wyoming, Michigan USA

“This book is truly one of the best books I have read so far.”

Gale De Ahuva, Houston, Texas, USA

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You are a brilliant beacon of light and wisdom, Hemal. In my opinion, no one brings it like you in the Law of Attraction business.  

Thank you for all you do.

Peter Ruble, USA

I finished reading your book a few weeks ago... and have to say it was amazing! Thank you.

I understand LOA so much better now and use it everyday. The good news is that its working, its a great feeling:) Everything seems to be going in a flow effortlessly!

I plan on getting some more copies and giving a copy to all my friends.  I have watched the Secret DVD a few times,but your book has really made me see LOA in a different perspective.  I understand Alignment,Path of least Resistance and so much more now. Just wanted to share some examples if I may...

So many other things that have happened recently..not thinking about the How? just feeling it!

And like I had mentioned to you..everything is so effortless. I really 'feel' the flow..

Thank you again, hope to attend one of your seminars one day.

Smita Ladva, Dubai

“I am reading your book and I am receiving so many 'ah-ha moments'! What a treasure you have made for the world to enjoy and grow. Awesome!”

De Boone, Social Media Expert, USA

Hi Hemal, been meaning to say I read your book a few weeks ago and think it is superb. Congratulations and a proper thank you for sharing your "music" with all. Inspirational. xxx

Jan Holt, London, UK

You know, you have this wonderful way of really simplifying things that are usually interpreted as complex. You bite right through in to the heart of ease! The book is so very uplifting and healing on many dimensions!

It keeps making me smile and releases some of the binds in myself and constantly brings me back to me, allowing me to drop some of my projections!

It really is about self empowerment and self focus to find the happier 'you'....going to what you love to do in life. It’s all about meeting your potential & living life creatively and effectively. Yahoo, Hemal! X,

Sue Fox, Manchester, UK

You are amazing.  You are, in my opinion, the world's leading expert on Manifesting and the Law of Attraction

Wendy Franklin Muhammad, Host of Authentic You radio show, Chicago, USA

Hemal brings the principles of Law of Attraction to life, making them easy to understand and incorporate into your daily life.  He brings a practical and 'easy' approach, making it a pleasure to work with him!  I'd recommend Hemal's book to anyone looking to learn Law of Attraction and find joy, peace and abundance in their life!

Peter, Sydney, Australia

Thanks for your spectacular work. You've become my favourite Law of Attraction Expert (others have said it too, I know) - you express things clearly, simply and directly, plus you take time to navigate the more awkward points sensitively, without just spouting well worn answers. I recommend your book to everyone. We all appreciate you so much.

The world needs you right now....

Gabi Attala, Wales

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