I'm particularly grateful to you for the time you took to deal comprehensively with the question I posed during the course of the seminar.  I'll be delighted for you to treat this email as a testimonial.

As well as the recent events I have attended, I also greatly appreciate your presence on Twitter and am amazed, given your large following, how promptly, and intelligently, you reply to tweets.  Thank you and very kind regards.

Will Banks, Scotland

You seem to have the knack of understanding and explaining some of the principals of the teachings of Law of Attraction, for example, way better than Esther Hicks.  A fresh perspective.

Lena Mitchell Jasiak, Australia

Keep touching the world.  You are young, gifted and amazing

Laura Tynes, USA


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The thing I most enjoy about Hemal is his playful teaching style. He understands how to present a potentially complex topic like the Law of Attraction in an entertaining and informal manner that instantly puts his students at ease.

I feel grateful to count Hemal as a friend and look forward to his witty and awareness-expanding quotes on Facebook and Twitter each day.

Ryan Biddulph, New Jersey, USA


He Can Make the Complex, Entertaining and Fun

You will have access to the live calls and recorded audios to connect with Hemal as well as the private members area.  If at any point you would like to not continue, you can cancel at any time.  

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You are a brilliant beacon of light and wisdom, Hemal. In my opinion, no one brings it like you in the Law of Attraction business

Hemal, your quotes ring true and you just don't stop. I find two a day are better for me than aspirin.

Peter Ruble, USA

No One Brings Law of Attraction Like Hemal!

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I have been dreaming of palm trees and a nice mild climate myself, and guess what?? My husband got word the other day that his job may move us to California!!

I have always been pretty good at manifesting what I want in life, but since knowing you I have been accomplishing really great things!!

Thank you for all you do Hemal. Have a wonderful day and we will talk soon.

Rebecca Perry, California, USA

Since Knowing You I Have Been Accomplishing Really Great Things!!

I Would Recommend Hemal’s Sessions

Without Hesitation!

Having been through one of the most challenging times in my life over the past few months, it has taken just one hour of talking with Hemal for an extremely positive shift in my thoughts and feelings to have taken place.  

I feel I have made a big breakthrough and am really excited about my future. I would recommend Hemal's 1:1 sessions without hesitation, totally worth every penny.

Fiona Finlay (DCHyp, A.Cert.CSHyp), UK


The World’s Leading Expert on Manifesting & Law of Attraction

You are amazing.  You are, in my opinion, the world's leading expert on Manifesting and the Law of Attraction.

Wendy Franklin Muhammad, USA

Host of Authentic You radio show


I Lost 35 pounds (16kg) With What I Have Learned!

Michael Q Todd, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

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- Problems and Patterns that have Been Occurring

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- The ‘How to’ of Having What You Want

- Your Understanding the Law of Attraction and Applying it in Your Life

- ‘Tips and Tricks’ on Manifesting  What You Want

- How You Can Get Good At Finding the Answers Within You

- Anything Else That Is Relevant to Your Development, Growth, and Results

I Am Not Easily Surprised or Impressed, But Hemal has Managed to do Both With Me!

"The wisdom and insight that Hemal brings to the weekly calls is amazing!  I am not easily surprised or impressed, but Hemal has managed to do both with me!

I appreciate his patience in understanding purpose and true meanings behind the questions being asked by the group members.  

Also I listen to the calls over and over again because I receive more insight and nuggets of wisdom the second time around."

De Boone, Success Coach and Social Networking Expert


"Being on the ME group has been amazing for me, there's so much fun its fantastic!

I love discussing questions on the call or on the group wall, I find there is so much support from Hemal and other members. Also, the way Hemal answers any ‘concerns’ of mine, they just dissolve away and its feels like a release and a ‘Letting Go’ process.

Hemal, the way you make me understand LOA feels so simple and easy, I have learnt so much. I put LOA into work and I can see my manifesting experiences unfold in front of me, - I am on a beautiful journey.

That’s why I just love being on this group.

Hema Parmar, England, UK

‘Concerns’ of Mine Dissolve Away... There is so Much Support and I Have Learnt So Much!

WEEKLY CALL/AUDIO with Hemal and Others Where You Can Ask YOUR Questions (or submit them before the call, even anonymously if you prefer)

DOWNLOADABLE AUDIO RECORDINGS of the Weekly Group Calls within 24 Hours of the Call!


PRIVATE GROUP (optional) - Connect with Others, Play Inspirational Games, Give/Receive Support. This is totally optional and a great resource!

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- “Fundamentals of the Law of Attraction” - 4-Part Course

- “Mastering the Law of Attraction” - 4-Part Course

- Two 4-Part Courses - 8 Parts in Total!

- Downloadable Audios




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If you are a positive-thought-manifesting-

machine like myself ,you should be following Hemal Radia.

His guidance is matched by no other!

Jennifer Pilates, Scottsdale, USA


His Guidance Is Matched By No Other!

Hemal Radia is the Author of “Find You & You Find Everything: The Secrets to the Law of Attraction”, a ‘Super’ Coach and Mentor, as well as a Speaker.  His book is available worldwide on Amazon, Kindle, and downloadable from his site.  Hemal has run events around the world including in London, UK; Las Vegas, Los Angeles USA; Gold Coast, Australia.

You will be working with someone who has helped clients all around the world with diverse situations to outstanding solutions.

Hemal has over 18 years of experience in the ‘thought’ field and of practical and tangible results. From his early days in the field he has developed his own methodologies and techniques and shares them with his clients and those in his programs.

Hemal seemlessly does what many practitioners and coaches find difficult; putting the metaphysical to the tangible and helping people get results.

Hemal has also coached individuals and other professionals who have experienced success with great appreciation of what they have learned.  Many of his clients have gone on to become authors, coaches, therapists, speakers in their own right.

Try this Manifesting Excellence for 7 days for only $4.97! Click the button to take advantage now!

You will be on the regular rate of $37 per month after the trial

Try this Manifesting Excellence for 7 days for only $4.97! Click the button to take advantage now!

You will be on the regular rate of $37 per month after the trial

Try this Manifesting Excellence for 7 days for only $4.97! Click the button to take advantage now!

You will be on the regular rate of $37 per month after the trial

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There is Always Support and Answers!
Everybody wants to see each other become Successful...

I love being in Manifesting Excellence since you can talk about anything and nothing is off limits. There is always support and answers for all the questions and everybody wants to see each other become successful in every way possible. You always find somebody that is going through what you might have been through yourself, and there is a great understanding for all the problems we might face.
I have made several great friends and found people with the same interests. I love knowing to have like minded people in my life and I can be myself.

Elisabeth Smith, USA

I Have Manifested Love
And a Move of a Lifetime!

In only 1 month I've manifested an abundance of love and genuine happiness! In 3 months I have manifested a move of a life time to Key West, Florida! It’s incredibly amazing!

There is such a concentrated positive energy in this group that it was impossible for me not to manifest life changing results. I was able to change my perspective on life in all areas. My thinking has changed and now, no matter what happens; I’m able to stay happy and remain in a positive light. It doesn't matter what I’m going through, thanks to this group, Hemal, and the fabulous members; my attention is effortlessly redirected to the positive side of life and everything is perfectly ok however it is!

Shawn Robinson, Key West, USA

Over Two Years Manifesting Excellence has so Far Included Answers on:

Attracting Money

Attracting a Partner

Tapping into Abundance!

Getting into Alignment and Congruency with the Larger Energetic Aspect of You

Clearing Clutter to Free up Energy and Get into Your Fow!

Authenticity, Self-Esteem & Self Value

Resolving Self-Fulfilling Prophecies in Your Life

Being Aligned to a Breathtaking Relationship

Increasing Your Confidence

Resolving Conflicts and Creating "Lifestyle Integration" between Different Areas of Your Life

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Isn’t it About Time You Get What YOU Want?

I Manifested my Dream Job and Sports Car within Three Weeks!

I manifested my sports car within three weeks as well as my dream job, parking spaces, and all sorts of other results!

Since working with Hemal, I have had many wonderful experiences and manifestations, my life has totally changed for the better.  He is such a wonderfully inspiring teacher, and his teachings and insight are very individually supportive yet light hearted.

If you are committed to changing your life and reaching your goals, Hemal is the ideal person to help on the journey to finding YOU.

Pamela Marsh, Nurse, Scotland, UK

Would You Like to Once and For All Resolve the Following?:

I’ve Manifested a New House in Florida,
 a Romantic Partner, Great Success in my Job, a Trip to Australia, and Much More!

Since I joined Manifesting Excellence, I've manifested a trip to Australia, a new house in Florida, a screenplay on my book and great success in my sales job which led to me winning a trip to the Cayman Islands as top salesperson in my group.
Most importantly, I've been able to let go of some internal barriers that were blocking me from finding a suitable romantic partner. I am in a wonderful, committed relationship  having cleared up the blocks to romance!
Nancy Brook, USA
Host of Love Your Path radio show

Have Amazing Things Happen In Your Life!

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Do You Feel You Should have so Much More in Your Life?

Would you like to Accelerate What You Have in Your Life?

Are There Situations in Your Life That You Would Like to Change?

Do You Have Sleepless Nights Trying to Solve Something?

Are There Patterns That Have Made You Tired and Frustrated?


If you choose to use advice or information shared by Hemal Radia, his staff or other participants/members (collectively "Parties"), you do so at your own risk and based upon your sole choice.  Under no circumstances will you hold any Parties liable for any advice that you choose to follow or any actions you choose to take based upon your participation in this program. This program is intended solely to provide guidance in a group format. You acknowledge and agree that you are solely responsible for the consequences of any choices that you make, decisions taken or not taken, or other acts that you engage in as a result of your participation in this program.  Neither this program, nor its organisers, will bear any liability whatsoever, under any cause of action under law or equity, for any adverse effects perceived or resulting from the information and advice shared.  Results are wholly contingent upon each participant/member's integration of information and cannot be guaranteed.  

If you have any questions, please contact at contact@manifestingandlawofattraction.com

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